Project management
software as a force
for good

Baotree’s project management software brings together
organisations and the communities they work with,
to achieve environmental impact and
community development goals.
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Project Management Software on mobile

Community, collaboration & impact,
all-in-one system


A project describes a community development goal & and the completion of micro-tasks (environmental and social) needed for the community to achieve their goals


Community members report micro-tasks to their partner organisation for verification


Once all micro-tasks reach the project target, development goals are achieved (e.g. solar energy, access to clean water, healthcare)


Turn project data into action & impact insights to inform future projects, streamline operations and funding requirements

Our Purpose

Project management software focused on community development

Supporting communities with their development goals is the most sustainable way to solve the root challenges that our natural ecosystems face. Enabling this requires honest, transparent and traceable proof of work between organisations, and the communities they work with.

Our project management software inspires communities to be the custodians of wildlife and the land that they co-inhabit, through the completion of positive environmental and social micro-tasks. The community accrues incremental benefits towards their developmental needs, which allows their surrounding ecosystem to thrive.

Project Management Software to benefit wildlife
Project Management Software to achieve environmental development

Baotree provides organisations with the means to prove their history of impact. Turning a theory-of-change, into a reality-of-change, unlocking tools to support community fundraising and streamline project management capabilities.

Our philosophy of action

Baotree’s project management software aligns the incentives of all parties involved to work together in achieving sustainable solutions for nature, communities and the organisations that work with them

We are focused on showing how communities can thrive, whilst contributing to their livelihoods and achieving sustainable environmental goals

We connect organisations and the individuals on-the-ground to promote efficiency, operational success and greater impact

Baotree provides the tools to transform, track and measure long-term developmental change for the success of our planet and people

Our funding engine supports the flow of existing and new funds directly to the underserved communities that need it most


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