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Based on a true story

Deep-field in Kenya, during the months of November and December 2019
– our very own CEO – Dimitri Syrris, went on a coexistence mission in
partnership with the Loisaba Conservancy, Lion Landscapes, and the Koija
community, that co-inhabits the land surrounding the conservancy.
The mission was to validate the Baotree coexistence model.

The Objective was for Baotree to facilitate the relationship between conservation efforts beyond the protected areas of Loisaba and engage the neighboring Koija community, as the rightful custodian of their land.

Our Solution empowered the Koija community, by asking them what their development goals were. The community requested predator-proof materials to defend their livestock and a 5-day healthcare training workshop. Loisaba and Lion Landscapes assigned conservation tasks (e.g. invasive species removal, human-wildlife conflict reports, anti-erosion ditches) to the community members. Through the completion of these tasks, and verification by Baotree, the community redeemed their development goals.

What Happened during the 21-day pilot, the evidence showcased the true conflict between people and nature. Through Baotree’s verification, The Koija community reported human-wildlife conflict tasks that recorded the loss of 44 livestock attacks from lions and hyenas, which is equivalent to a $2,200 monetary loss. Losses like this tend to drive negative attitudes towards wildlife and may motivate a community member to retaliate in the form of poisoning or the killing of predators.

Engagement during the first pilot was positive, with 20 self-selected community members that chose to complete and report on the tasks assigned by Loisaba and Lion Landscapes. 15 out of the 20 community members were active reporters throughout the pilot, completing a total of 125 environmental tasks and achieving the total goal target.

The Impact of the community’s efforts earned them 15 predator-proof bomas (homes) for their livestock to sleep in peace and enabled Loisaba’s nurse to conduct a 5-day healthcare training workshop with the community’s healthcare volunteers. The development goals were implemented in January 2020 and since then, none of the homes who received a predator proof boma have lost any livestock.


Baotree’s pilot enabled five of
the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

During the pilot, the community completed a variety of conservation, ecological, and
positive biodiversity tasks. The community development incentives allowed for
good health, well-being, and livestock security.

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